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My name is SUKIDAH BAHARUDDIN from Indonesia. Two years ago (2013), I found that there were two lumps whose sizes were as big as the eyes so I went to hospital in Indonesia to receive CT scan. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at Ⅲ stage. The local doctor suggested me to take surgery and chemotherapy but I refused. I was worried but I can not find other better cancer treatments except for chemotherapy.

By chance, I participated in the symposium which held by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. At the symposium, I knew some minimally invasive caner therapies and technologies, such as cryosurgery therapy, interventional therapy, etc. I also heard some anticancer patients’ stories. After the symposium, the cancer experts at the spot gave me professional suggested therapies. Under the support and encouragement of families, I decided to receive cancer therapy at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

In 2014, I went to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou to receive therapies. On the first day, I took some regular check and the doctor diagnosed me with breast cancer at Ⅲ stage and my left breast ulcerated so I can not take cancer therapies at that time and needed to deal with the ulcerated breast. The doctors were good, especially Dr. Dai and Dr. Zhang. My breast was ulcerated and even smelly but doctors washed my wound by themselves carefully every time and the wound turned better quickly. Thus I began to take cancer therapy.

However, another question went to me. I was scared and worried because I did not know what therapies I would receive and was afraid of the result of the cancer therapies. When I took the cryosurgery therapy at the first time, my cancer condition went better and my stress relieved. At first, I felt nausea and queasy, but these symptoms were gone soon. After five times of interventional therapy, two times of cryosurgery therapy and breast modified radical therapy, Dr. Dai told me that there was no tumor in my body for now but I needed to take review check every two months. If there will be no recurrence in five years, it means I recover from cancer in medical. Now my condition is good physically and mentally and my appetite is better. I want to come back Indonesia soon.

Though I received cancer therapy alone in China but I did not feel despaired and restless. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou made me feel at home and I felt comfortable. Every time doctors answered my questions patiently and explained them one by one which made me feel at ease and relaxed. I am grateful to doctors, nurses and interpreters at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for their care and love.

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SUKIDAH BAHARUDDIN took photo with doctors.

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