Nonglak Pornwara, Thailand Breast Cancer Patient, Successfully Fought Against Cancer*

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The Nanyang Newspaper reported an anticancer story about Nonglak Pomwara, who successfully fought against breast cancer at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Seven years ago, Nonglak Pomwara was diagnosed with breast cancer (stage Ⅱ). The local doctors suggested her to take excision on her left breast. After surgery, she also took chemotherapy and nursed health by Chinese herbal medicine. Since then every periodic review showed that her condition was stable and no sign of relapse. The good results of periodic review made Nonglak Pomwara and her families think that they had already gotten rid of cancer. However, at 2013, she suddenly felt lumbago ache and backache so she took inspection at hospital. The bone scanning showed that the breast cancer recurred at stage IV with bone metastasis on many parts of the body. She felt helpless but to accept it quietly.

While Nonglak Pomwara suffered from aggregating pain, she took traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment. The local doctors said she needed to take chemotherapy which made her extremely painful and also with the side effects, such as loss of hair, nausea, vomiting. Nonglak Pomwara was afraid of chemotherapy so she begun looking for the best treatment. Comparing with many hospitals which were found on the Internet, she decided to go to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. On August 20, 2014, Nonglak Pomwara and her daughter arrived at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou to receive therapy. At this time, her condition was bad because the cancer had tortured her and also with severe pleural and periodic effusion and sometimes difficult breath.

After consultation of the experts of MDT at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, doctors decided to extract the pleural and periodic effusion. Her condition turned good and received minimally interventional therapy and cryosurgery therapy. After 5 courses of treatment, 6 times of interventional therapy and once cryosurgery therapy, her condition improved. Lumbago ache and backache alleviated and she breathed smoothly. The tumor shrunk a lot. The good efficacy made Nonglak Pomwara happy which was a successful anticancer experience. She was grateful to all medical practitioners for the care & love.

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