Minimally Comprehensive Therapy Killed the Tumor of Lung*

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On April 16, 2015, Nanyang Siang Pau reported the anticancer story of Poutong Mr. Prajak who received cancer therapy at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. After comprehensive therapy six times, the tumor in his lung and liver have lost their activities and the condition was controlled.

At May, 2014, Mr. Prajak at 53 years old showed the symptoms of cough and phlegm but those symptoms did’t arise his attention. After two months, he had difficulty in breathing and lost 10 kg so he went to hospital. He was diagnosed with lump in his lung and a lot of fluid in his left thoracic cavity.

In Thailand, Mr. Prajak saw the cancer patients, who had received general chemotherapy, became weak due to the side-effects of chemotherapy and the efficacy was not good. Thus, he thought chemotherapy was not the suitable therapy for him. Later, he knew Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou owned 16 advanced technologies for cancer treatments, which do not need to conduct surgery and general chemotherapy, so he decided to go to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou to treat cancer.

On July 25, 2014, when Mr. Prajak came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, in addition to cough and difficult breath, he had radiated pain in his chest and shoulder due to fluid in his thoracic cavity. Doctors inspected and diagnosed him with lung cancer with pleural metastasis and hepatic metastasis (stage IV). After consultation of MDT, doctors determined the preliminary therapy plan. Mr. Prajak totally received interventional therapy six times, cryosurgery once and drainage of pleural effusion. Interventional therapy is the local chemotherapy targeting at tumor, which is with high drug-concentrations, little side-effects, better efficacy. Mr. Prajak told us that in the process of cancer treatment, he took CT three-times and the tumor was shrunk a lot after CT. And at the last time the tumor was gone. Now he is able to breathe and does not feel any uncomfortable at chest and shoulder so he stops eating painkillers. Also he gained five kg in weight. Doctor Zhang Weizhong said the tumor in Mr. Prajak’s body was in good controlled but he needed to take targeted drug and came back for periodic review every three months. Mr Prajak is happy for gaining good efficacy. He is very grateful to the doctors and nurses who have given him care and help.

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