Interventional therapy + cryotherapy brought miracle to advanced stage breast cancer patients*

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On March 26, 2015, Nanyang Slang Pau of Malaysia reported anti-cancer stories of breast cancer patient A Weidi. Since interventional therapy and cryotherapy being given in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, her condition has been under good control.

In March 2013, A Weidi found there was a small lump inside her left breast, however, at that time she didn't go to a standard hospital but had some herbal medicines instead, and the efficacy was not good with the tumor growing bigger and bigger. Later she went to hospital for examinations and then knew it was cancer, so doctors suggested her to have resection, but A Weidi refused it as she herself thought it was not suitable for her to have surgery. As time went by, her condition got more and more serious with the symptoms like coughing, poor appetite and weight loss getting worse and her left breast began to ulcerate with overflow liquid. A Weidi later knew that there was a hospital called Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou owned not only traditional therapies but also a lot of minimally invasive technologies like interventional therapy, radioactive particle implantation, cryotherapy, etc., so she decided to travel to China for treatment.

After hospitalization, A Weidi accepted comprehensive physical examinations and then was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer. After joint consultation of experts in the hospital, and according to her physical condition, doctors designed her main treatment plan as interventional treatment + cryotherapy. After the first time of interventional therapy and cryotherapy, A Weidi found that the secretion of left breast decreased and the tumor got smaller. All these good curative effects brought her confidence. At present, A Weidi has accepted 5 times of interventional therapy, and the left breast secretion has disappeared with the wound scabbed already. Meanwhile, the primary lesion on the breast has disappeared and other lesions have also significantly reduced. In addition, during the hospitalization, intensive care from doctors, nurses and translators has deeply moved A Weidi and her family, making them very grateful to the staff of the hospital.

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