Minimally Invasive Therapy for Endometrial Cancer Brings Few Side Effects*

Nanyang Siang Pau: Endometrial Cancer Patient Regains Her Health

On Jan. 29, 2015, an article titled Endometrial Cancer Patient Regains Her Health on Nanyang Siang Pau reports Indonesian patient Risma Idawaty Saragih’s anticancer story. It says that Risma Idawaty Saragih has successfully eliminated the tumor in her lungs after receiving minimally invasive treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Risma Idawaty Saragih says that she was deeply impressed by the treatment’s low side effects.

According to the report, Risma Idawaty Saragih was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in a Singaporean hospital in 2000. As there was no discomfort, she did not take any treatment. However, in 2010, she suddenly felt severe abdominal pain and bowel movement became very difficult for her. As a result, she went to Singapore again and received endometrial cancer radical prostatectomy. Unfortunately, that surgery did not kill cancer completely. In October 2012, cancer recurred and Risma Idawaty Saragih had no choice but underwent an enterolysis because tumor and colon were stuck together. After that, she took six cycles of chemotherapy, since the enterolysis could not kill tumors. Sadly, the curative effect was not oblivious: tumor only shrunk a little. It was not until February 2013 after she underwent the enterostomy could she have normal defecation.

Unfortunately, in April 2014 when Risma Idawaty Saragih went to the hospital in Singapore for a follow-up examination, CT scan showed that cancer has spread to the liver. Doctor in the hospital advised her to have chemotherapy again but Risma Idawaty Saragih rejected, because she was too afraid of the side effects of chemotherapy. In chemotherapy, she not only felt pain in the whole body, but lost all her hair. Besides, she suffered severe sleep problem. Although the chemotherapy did not affect her appetite, she still lost some weight.

Cancer continued to torture Risma Idawaty Saragih since no treatment went on. When it came to the August, the abdominal pain became too severe for her to bear and she had no choice but to eat some painkillers. Seeing it, Risma Idawaty Saragih’s husband believed there was no time to waste. He searched hospitals on the internet anxiously, and finally his effort was paid fairly: the Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou provides new cancer treatments for endometrial cancer beyond chemotherapy. With consultation Risma Idawaty Saragih learnt that minimally invasive therapies such as interventional therapy and natural therapy in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou were of few side effects. Therefore, she decided to go to Guangzhou because she could not bear the side effects of chemo any more.

So far, Risma Idawaty Saragih have underwent four times of interventional therapy, one time of radiotherapy, and one natural therapy. As all those treatments were minimally invasive treatments, Risma Idawaty Saragih did not feel much discomfort. According to her, the doctor who performed the interventional therapy for her was very experienced: the trauma was very small and there were few side effects. She did not lose much hair, no vomit, her appetite was very good, and she even gained 3kg after the treatment. The curative effect was also very good. In the admission diagnosis it said there were recurrences in liver and lungs, but after treatment tumors in the liver disappeared, only some were remained in the lungs. CT results showed that the bladder distorted due to pressing of tumors has also restored to normal shape, so the abdominal pain which had long plagued her disappeared. As a result, her defecation also returned to normal and the sleep was acceptable.

On Nov. 22, 2014, Risma Idawaty Saragih discharged from the hospital successfully.

Endometrial Cancer, Interventional Therapy, Biological Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou
Pictured Risma Idawaty Saragih and Her Attending Dr. Yao Zhongping in 2014

Endometrial Cancer, Interventional Therapy, Biological Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou
Pictured on Aug. 31, tumor in the lungs
Endometrial Cancer, Interventional Therapy, Biological Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou
Pictured on Oct. 19, tumor in the lungs shrunk obiviously

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