Thanks for Being Here on My Daughter’s Anti-cancer Journey*

A Thank-you Letter from Thipthida Xayasena’s Father

  A Thank-you Letter from Thipthida Xayasena’s Father

On Dec. 11, 2014, a thank-you letter published on Nanyang Siang Pau has drawn great public attention. This letter was sent by father of Lao lymphoma patient Thipthida Xayasena to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. The sincere language in the letter fully expressed the father’s gratitude to the hospital medical staffs who have saved his daughter’s life.

It was Aug.8 that Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou received this thank-you letter. Thipthida Xayasena was a 9-year-old primary schoolgirl who was unfortunately diagnosed with lymphoma. According to medical staffs, it was already stage III lymphoma when she was admitted to the hospital on last April 24. Tumors in her neck have spread to peritoneum. Then, she underwent interventional therapy twice. After that, the physical examination showed tumors in the neck have largely disappeared. Later, she underwent another four times of interventional therapy. Now, her cancer is under control.

Thipthida Xayasena’s father loves his daughter very much. Even though he felt very desperate when he knew the bad news, he still believed that good hospital would cure his daughter. In Laos, there are very few opportunities for the ordinary group to have cancer screening and treatment. Many people believe cancer is a disease being cursed, a tattoo which cannot be spoken out. It is so hard to cure cancer that most cancer patients just let it be and pray to the Buddha for hope. The recovery of Thipthida Xayasena’s made the whole family very exciting. Therefore in the letter he said: “Thanks to the doctors and nurses who help my daughter get rid of the cancer. Please receive our mostly sincere thanks.”

Thanks for being here on my daughter’s anticancer journey. This July when the Buddhist Lent came, the grandfather of Thipthida Xayasena also donated RMB10, 000 to Bo Ai Charity Fund to help more patients in the future.

Thipthida Xayasena and Her Mother

  Thipthida Xayasena and Her Mother
  The Grandfather of Thipthida Xayasena Donated RMB 10,000 to the Hospital

  The Grandfather of Thipthida Xayasena Donated RMB 10,000 to the Hospital

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