Cryotherapy Made 79 years old Lady Take a New Lease of Life*

On April 30th 2015, Nanyang Business News reported an anticancer story of a Vietnam liver cancer patient, NGUYEN THI BAM. After cryotherapy and natural therapy, her condition was in good control.

To NGUYEN THI BAM, seven-nine years old, she was supposed to enjoy a good life, but on June, 2014, she suddenly felt uncomfortable and had no appetite. She took periodic body check with her daughter and found out that she had liver cancer. Vietnam local doctors suggested her to take autopsy and then paracentesis but she refused all the suggestions. Her families had been looking for a better hospital and better therapy.

The daughter-in-law of NGUYEN THI BAM due to business trips in China knew that Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou had 16 advanced cancer minimally invasive therapies, including Cryotherapy, Natural Therapy, Particle Implantation Therapy, Interventional Therapy, etc. Those therapies had advantages of small trauma, few side-effects and quick recovery which brought hope to NGUYEN THI BAM’s family. On August 21, 2014, NGUYEN THI BAM arrived at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. After inspection, doctors determined to conduct cryotherapy with the aid of natural therapy. Within one month, her condition turned better. Her appetite became better and she can eat a bowl of rice each deal, sometimes even more.

As it is reported, cryotherapy is one the minimally invasive therapy which wins good recognition of cancer patients at middle or advanced stage. It gives a new choice not only for the treatment of solid tumor, such as early-stage breast cancer, liver cancer, but also for those at middle or advanced stage that can not tolerate the trauma of traditional surgery. From 2006, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has successfully completed more than ten thousand of crythotherapy cases, which places the first in China.

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