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  On April 22, 2015, the GuangMing Daily reported the anticancer story of Malaysia cancer patient, Huang Guohua. Huang Guohua was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012, and received Ar-He knife therapy and minimally interventional therapy in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou China. Now, the lung tumor had shrunk a lot, and lost activities. Huang Guohua’s lung cancer had been controlled and he just needed periodic review.

  On November, 2012, Huang Guohua felt dizzy suddenly, and became very weak. Also, he lost 40 kilograms in a short time. He thought it was caused by the recurrence of hypertension and went to hospital for inspection. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with the advanced lung cancer.

  Huang Guohua was quiet worried about his condition so he searched for good cancer hospital to get proper treatment everywhere. Finally, he found out Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou China through the Internet and after comparing different hospitals, chose to receive treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou China. The physical examination showed the condition of Huang Guohua had been severe and the tumor had grown to an egg-size. What’s worse, it had already aggravated. The MDT of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou carried out a comprehensive treatments----“Ar-he knife therapy and minimally invasive interventional therapy” for him.

  When Huang Guohua took Ar-he knife therapy first time, there was no other side effects, except for slight haematemesis. Five days later, not only he stopped vomiting blood but also he could walk independently and improved appetite and sleep. After 5 subsequent minimally invasive therapies, the tumor had shrunk a lot and lost activities. Now, the condition was basically controlled and he only needed coming back to hospital for periodic review. Huang Guohua was thrilled for good efficacy and he was grateful to the love & care of the medical workers at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

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