Particle Knife is not a scalpel but is better than a scalpel*

Radioactive Particle Implantation, Cancers, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

On April 8, 2015, Guangming Daily in Malaysia reported the feature of “radioactive particle implantation of malignant tumors”. Leading expert of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Peng Xiaochi, took patient ALIAS HOSMAN DJATIMAN as example and introduced in details how to apply anticancer technology, radioactive particle implantation, to fight against cancers.

125I seed is a radioactive particle that can continuously give off short-range γ-ray to kill tumor cells. 125I seed implantation can achieve the same internal radiation effects as surgery does. Hence, it is also called particle knife. Particle knife has an advantage of little damage, quick efficacy and quick recovery.

ALIAS HOSMAN DJATIMAN from Indonesia was diagnosed with liver cancer in September, 2014. The tumor was only 2 cm so the local doctors suggested him to conduct operation but he refused. He was about to receive other therapies but his tumor kept on growing. After three months, the tumor grew to 7 cm. Thus, ALIAS HOSMAN DJATIMAN went to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou where he was diagnosed with primary liver cancer (stage IV)with multiple metastases. MDT of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou firstly conducted interventional therapy and cryosurgery therapy. In January, 2015, ALIAS HOSMAN DJATIMAN was admitted to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou again and his tumor obviously shrunk and decreased. Later, doctors implanted 40 particles into the rest part of his liver. In March, ALIAS HOSMAN DJATIMAN came back to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for follow-up check. The tumor in liver was gone and the treatment effect was very good.

It showed that radioactive particle implantation was beneficial to tumor treatment. However, there is clinical evidence that single treatment is hard to get obvious efficacy. Therefore, it would be better to apply interventional therapy, cryosurgery therapy, radioactive particle implantation and natural therapy together so that patients can get best anticancer effect.

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