Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer & Ovarian Cancer----Three-Level Prevention of Three “Women Killers”*
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The International Cancer Research Institution, an affiliate of WTO, issued the World Cancer Report in 2014, which predicted that the number of cancers cases,14 million at 2012, would rise to about 22 million to 24 million in 20 years. The report issued by International Cancers Center reported that in the world there were seven kinds of cancers in high incidence, which were lung cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer and esophageal cancer.

Professor Liu Lvguang from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou China pointed out that the incidence of lung cancer was the highest in males while the breast cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer are “the three killers” to females, which directly threaten women’s health. However, people could take three-level precautions to prevent the cancers.

The first precaution in three-level precautions is etiological prevention. People could understand the causes of cancers so that they know how to eliminate the causes or get far from them to prevent cancers. Professor Liu Lvguang, who is specialized in gynecology, gynecological tumor and oncology, claimed that the causes of breast cancers were complicated, including diet environment, fertility, living habits, genetic factors, etc., so people should take seven precautions in first-level precaution. Firstly, people should control the intake of fat and animal protein. Females under age twenty should avoid unnecessary breast X-ray exposure. Also, females should avoid getting married at old age or giving birth to a child at very young age. It is promoted to breast feed childern. What’s more, during climacteric period, it would be better to reduce high caloric intake, drink less, eat more vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and fishes. Apart from regular habits, it is necessary to avoid the long-term stimulation of chemicals.

Professor Liu Lvguang from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou China said that the key of second-level of precautions is early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. Breast cancer is an invisible killer of females’ health but due to carelessness many patients are too late to detect the cancers and the best opportunity to treat cancers is delayed.

In third-level precaution, doctors adopt modern therapies to treat patients at middle and advanced stage so that the condition is stable and doctors control the development of cancer. Doctors try their best to extend the lifetime of patients and improve their quality of life.

Professor Liu Lvguang from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou China emphasized that the earlier the tumor was detected, the better efficacy would be. Patients should take positive attitude toward fighting against cancers and build up more healthy physical statuses.

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