Minimally invasive treatment, bring a new hope to cancer patients*

Minimally invasive treatment, radioactive particle implantation, photodynamic therapy, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

March 18, 2015, "Guangming Daily" published a special report on "minimally invasive treatment for cancer" wherein it detailed radioactive particle implantation, photodynamic therapy, "combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine with minimally invasive targeted treatment" and other modern anti-cancer therapies, which brought a new hope to cancer patients with their advantages of small incision, less side effect, fast recovery and so on.

Many patients were not diagnosed until their cancers have reached mid-advanced stage and their body conditions have declined and can no longer bear the side effects of traditional treatments, which, chemotherapy for instance, kill normal cells as well while killing cancer cells, thus they cause considerable damage to patients’ bodies. Consequently, many patients give up conventional treatment and seek for better alternatives. In fact, the current treatment for cancer has been greatly developed. With the emergence of radioactive particle implantation, photodynamic therapy and other minimally invasive techniques, many desperate cancer patients are able to see a new hope in treatment. According to experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, compared to traditional treatments, minimally invasive techniques have the advantages like small incision, less painfulness, fast recovery and so on. They have gained recognition and trust from lots of patients with mid-advanced cancers.

Accordingly, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has 16 minimally invasive techniques, including cryotherapy, interventional therapy, natural therapy, etc. aside from the said radioactive particle implantation. They have successfully helped numerous mid-advanced cancer patients prolonged their lives, reduced their suffering and improved their life quality.

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