Nguyen Huu Thang: I Am the Walking Proof of Five-year Survival*

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Guangming Daily: A Liver Cancer Patient’s Five-year Anticancer Story

On Jan. 28, 2015, a report titled A Liver Cancer Patient’s Five-year Anticancer Story, on using minimally invasive treatment to treat liver cancer patient Nguyen Huu Thang, is published on Guangming Daily. It says that after receiving minimally invasive treatment in MCHG (shorten for Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, tumors in Nguyen Huu Thang’s body disappeared completely and the man has lived with cancer successfully for more than five years.

According to the report, Nguyen Huu Thang who was over sixty years old has found abnormity in his liver early in 2005. In May 2009, when he had a physical examination in local hospital, a tumor which was the size of 2cm was unexpectedly found in his liver, and PET/CT proved it was liver cancer. Nguyen Huu Thang had no choice but to receive a traditional treatment. Just then, one of his friends advised him to go to MCHG, because many patients like him have been improved here. Soon Nguyen Huu Thang came to Guangzhou with the assistance of Hanoi office and received interventional therapy and cryotherapy advised by the doctor. So far, he has been successfully survived for more than 5 years, as his curative effect was really good. During those five years, he has come back to Guangzhou for six times. Every year he would return to the hospital on time for follow-up check. Although new cancer cells were found in February 2013, they were soon eliminated after cryotherapy, and all blood test results and indicators have returned to normal. Nguyen Huu Thang now is in a very good condition and it could be considered that his cancer has been cured.

Cancer has been a nightmare to all human beings for a long time. It is always associated with death and after diagnosing with cancer, the quality of patients life usually becomes a real luxury. That is why more and more patients prefer to take minimally invasive treatment, especially for the middle and advanced cancer patients. Compared with traditional cancer treatment, minimally invasive treatment brings patients small trauma, fewer side effects, but quicker recovery. There is compelling advantage of using it to treat cancer, prolong patients’ survival time and improve their quality of life. Just after the first interventional therapy, Nguyen Huu Thang lost his appetite, but that symptoms lasted less than two days. By the end of the first cycle of treatment, examination showed that tumor in his body has shrunk oblivious. Then after another several times of interventional therapy, cryotherapy and natural therapy, his condition was well brought under control, and now he is basking in the love of his family. As he speaks, the prolonged life let him enjoy the best time in the world.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Guangming Daily, Liver Cancer, Interventional Therapy, Cryotherapy

  Nguyen Huu Thang and His Wife

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