No Surgical Excision! Integrative Minimally Invasive Treatment Cures Prostate Cancer*

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Guangming Daily: Treating Prostate Cancer with Integrative Treatment

Is there any way for the unfortunate cancer patients to avoid surgery? On Jan. 21, 2015, the series report of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Treating Prostate Cancer with Integrative Treatment, was published on Guangming Daily. In this article, Malaysian prostate cancer patient Wong Yik King was shown as an example for his impressive anticancer experience. It was reported that after receiving the integrative minimally invasive treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, including interventional chemotherapy and radioactive particle implantation, all Wong Yik King’s physical indicators have returned to normal. What’s more surprising, his PSA level has decreased to 0.0ng/ml.

Wong Yik King was a Malaysian and he settled down in Indonesia because of his wife. Wong was a person who used to pay much attention to his health. Every year he would go to the hospital for routine check-up. However, in the physical examination of 2011, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Wong Yik King didn’t want to have the surgery advised by Malaysian doctor, at the same time he was very worried about the side effect that traditional chemotherapy might bring to him. Therefore, when he learnt from his younger sister that Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou can treat cancer without surgery, he decided to take her advice.

As everyone knows, prostate cancer is a very painful disease to the patients. Apart from the unbearable cancer pain, the patients’ work as well as their daily life will also be severely affected by the symptoms such as frequent urination, urgent urination and endless urination. To Wong Yik King, the 5-hour flight to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou was quite suffering. Due to micturition and urination difficulty, he had to walk between the toilet and his seat very frequently. Soon after Wong Yik King admitted to the hospital, the MDT of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou carried out an integrative treatment plan for him. According to Wong Yik King, the first radioactive particle implantation was very successful and effective. “I could feel the improvement of my urination just at that night.” Then he underwent a physical examination, result showed that PSA level has decreased from 100ng/ml on admission to 0.2ng/ml as he expected. Later Wong Yik King took several times of interventional chemotherapy, and now, his PSA level maintains at 0.0ng/ml. There is no metastasis found in the CT scan. What’s more, he has gained about 7kg after the treatment. “Thanks Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for giving me a new life.” said Wong Yik King sincerely.

Experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou tell the readers, surgical excision for prostate cancer which limited in the prostate can be quite effective; however, as damage to the nerves is unavoidable, it may causes a series of complications to the patients, such as urinary incontinence, which would severely affect the patients’ quality of life. Radioactive particle implantation and interventional chemotherapy can help the patients avoid the surgery, yet they are very effective in treating the tumor, for instance, in interventional chemotherapy, regional drug concentration can reach 2-8 times higher than traditional chemotherapy; unlike the systemic chemotherapy, it is very effective and causes less side effects to human body. In radioactive particle implantation, rays only work in the tumor and they would not harm normal tissues. As the radiation which lasts for 180 days can kill cancer cells more effectively, it can prevent cancer recurrences more effectively. Those minimally invasive treatments in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou feature small trauma and speedy recovery. They have become an very important method to treat cancer. The integrative minimally invasive therapy which includes radiotherapy, chemo, thermal therapy, natural therapy, interventional therapy, cryotherapy, gene-targeted therapy as well as the combined therapy of traditional Chinese medicines & Western medicines has brought a new hope for the cancer patients.

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