Technical Innovation and Advanced MDT Approach Bring Patients the Best Curative Effect*

  The Report “Time-honored Minimally Invasive Therapy”, by Guangming Daily

  The Report “Time-honored Minimally Invasive Therapy”, by Guangming Daily

On Dec. 15, 2014, the series report V of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou on medical technologies, Time-honored Minimally Invasive Treatment, was published on the third pages of Guangming Daily. In this report, three oncologists from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou expressed their opinion on the interest that technical innovation and advanced  multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach can bring to the cancer patients.

Pro. Liu Lvguang, who was already 74 years old, pointed out that the time-honored interventional therapy was not formed in one day but developed from a manual model at the very beginning to the current painless high technology. By recalling a personal experience 30 years ago, she elaborately expounded how her tutor successfully inject the anticancer medicines into the blood supplying vessels of the uterus through tiny plastic tubes, which was based on the original idea of interventional therapy. That treatment has successfully eliminated the tumors in the patients’ uterus and saved her life.

According to Pro. Liu, it was the first interventional therapy in her life. Now, with the progress of medical technology, doctors don’t need to take a risk to cut the patient’s body any more, just through medical imaging they can clearly observe the changes of all tumors, which proves that only technical innovation can help patients avoid the risk and get the best curative effect. Mrs. Dai Wenyan, vice director of oncology department, also pointed out that due to various reasons, some patients used to lose the best treatment time because they refused to accept traditional surgery, thus innovative minimally invasive treatments become their best choice. The biggest advantage of minimally invasive treatment is that it causes small trauma and is of less side effects. At the same time, it can kill cancer cells effectively and precisely. Therefore, it is especially suitable for aged cancer patients and middle and advanced cancer patients who cannot tolerate surgery.

In addition to technical innovation, Pro. Liu also stressed that cancer patients cannot be diagnosed and treated by only one doctor but with the joint effort of many experts to provide the patients with comprehensive treatment. She pointed out that under the concept of multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach patients can not only save time and medical cost, but enjoy the wisdom and experience of the multidisciplinary team. While hospitals in Malaysia diagnose and treat patients by different medical departments, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou introduces the concept of MDT approach to treat and care cancer patients. As the most advanced clinical approach in the world, MDT approach gathers experts and specialists from different healthcare professions with specialized skills and expertise together to customize personalized treatment plan for the patients, instead of transferring them from one department to another. MDT approach can ensure patients a normative and systematic treatment, lessen their medical expense and promote their rehabilitation. It is a very effective way for cancer patients. It can realize a multi-disciplinary collaboration for comprehensive treatment of clinical disease and solve problems more effectively.

  Face to Face Communication between Malaysian Media Delegation and MDT of MCHG

  Face to Face Communication between Malaysian Media Delegation and MDT of MCHG

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