Insist on “Patient-oriented” Service for Patients’ Benefit*

Respecting Overseas Patients’ Culture and Customs, by Guangming Daily
The Reprot "Respecting Overseas Patients’ Culture and Customs", by Guangming Daily

On Dec. 11, 2014, the series report IV of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou on its patient-oriented service, Respecting Overseas Patients’ Culture and Customs, was published on the third pages of Guangming Daily. The report analyzed the interview of the hospital president Wang Huaizhong from treatment, featured service and doctor-patient interaction to explain how the hospital ensures patients’ benefit. The “patient-oriented” service concept mentioned in this interview was very helpful and was highly praised as the gospel for all cancer patients.

According to Mr. Wang Huaizhong, in the past nine years Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has set up many overseas offices in Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Dubai. So far, the number of overseas patients has accumulated to 25,000 and there were averagely 3,000 patients from Southeast Asia each year. In regard of how to respect those patients with different nationality, race and religion, the hospital president said there was a unique way to handle this problem.

Sincere and excellent humanistic service is the force driving the hospital for sustainable development. Since its foundation in 2005, Modern Cancer hospital Guangzhou has introduced not only advanced treatment technologies and devices, but humanistic care as well. While treating and reliving the pain of the patients, doctors also paid much attention to their psychological rehabilitation by improving the quality of medical communication, so as to promote a good doctor-patient relationship and achieve a better curative effect. For non-technical medical service, humanistic service was regarded as a whole project, showing the “Patient-oriented” service principle in every aspect. The hospital was an active implementer in implementing basic service and patients’ special requests. For example, to ensure the comfort of the patient and their dependents from the very beginning, in summer the airport transfer team will prepare mineral water, menthocamphorate, ect, to prevent them from sunstroke, while in winter there will be warm stuffs such as coat and heating pad. Every time before an operation, doctors and nurses will comfort the patient to relax. Apart from proving professional translation service in working hours, the interpreter team will also help the patients and their dependents for daily communication after work. Every week a free health examination will be provided for the patient family members to ensure that they are sound in body and mind to take care of the patients. Besides, the hospital will irregularly hold some leisure activities full of national features, such as the Indonesian Night, the Philippine’s Night, celebration party of Lesser Bairam, etc. It will also organize the patients and their dependents to take part in the one-day tour, taste some local gourmet and snacks and shopping, so as to enrich their life in Guangzhou. There are more than 100 sentences to care the patients and more than 60 service regulations. “We hope the hospital will continue its effort to provide us with quality service.” said a patient before he left.

Group Photo of the Malaysian Media Delegation and Leaders of MCHG
Group Photo of the Malaysian Media Delegation and Leaders of MCHG

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