Say Goodbye to Desperation! Minimally Invasive Therapy Brings New Hope for Cancer Treatment*

 Minimally Invasive Therapies of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Bring New Hope for Cancer Treatment
 Minimally Invasive Therapies of MCHG Bring New Hope for Cancer Treatment

On Dec. 10, 2014, the series report III of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou on its minimally invasive therapies, Say Goodbye to the Desperation, by Guangming Daily was published on the eighth and ninth pages of the newspaper. In this report, three cancer patients respectively explained their treatment in the hospital to all readers, of which new anticancer treatments like cryothreapy, radioactive particle implantation and artery interventional therapy aroused widespread concern.

Voo Ken Yin who came from Malaysia was one of the three patients being interviewed. He was an automobile technician once and was diagnosed with tongue cancer eight years ago. He had a surgery which cut the tumors on the tongue, but unfortunately it recurred this year. Afraid that he might lose the ability to speak and taste, he decided to fly to China for new treatment. After artery interventional therapy and radioactive particle implantation in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, he successfully avoided the surgery and quickly recovered to a normal life.

According to Voo Ken Yin, big wound as well as serious complications was the main reason for him to reject the surgery. However, the hospitals in Malaysia only provide traditional treatments like surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which not only cannot cure the cancer, but bring the patients unbearable side effects. The other two patients, Anggriani Taniadi and Ju Hong Tjoan also said that they missed the best treatment opportunity because they didn’t have an idea about the new therapies. In fact, in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, apart from those traditional treatments, there are also 16 latest minimally invasive therapies for middle and advanced cancer patients, including radioactive particle implantation, cryotherapy and natural therapy, etc. Among them, cyotheray, radioactive particle implantation and artery interventional therapy are world-leading therapies which only cause 2-3 mm trauma on the patients but destroy tumor precisely and effectively. What’s more, the patients will only experience little side effect after those treatments and they can recover to normal in a very short period of time. Currently, the hospital has successfully been accredited by JCI with its advanced treatment technologies and excellent medical service.

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