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On May 30th 2015, China Press published the feature of Pro. Peng Xiaochi and introduced his experience of being a doctor in details. He also gave some suggestions to cancer patients.

As reported, Pro. Peng Xiaochi chose to be a doctor because he was affected by his three aunts, who were doctors, and wanted to help his weak and sickly elder sister. His original thought was to help families. He studied in Canada and learnt advanced medical skills and drew on their medial experience. He recognized medical views of minimally invasive therapies in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and thought these therapies were suitable for cancer patients, so he chose to work in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Telling from experience, Pro. Peng thought prevention of cancer was important and he suggested that people should keep exercise and health diet habit. Pro. Peng took a breast caner patient as a case to tell us that nowadays the cancer treatment technologies had developed a lot and encouraged that there was sill hope to cancer patients in advanced stage and did not give up easily. Pro. Peng claimed that psychological factor was as important as the medical skills. He altered his teammates that treating disease also needed to deal with the mental problem.

In addition, China Press also pressed the stories of anticancer stars of May in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Anticancer stars used their own experience to remind other cancer patients that there was a chance to defeat cancer when you did not give up, positively faced up with everything, listened to doctors’ instruction and kept good health habit. In 2011, Indonesian ANG LIM HUAT found that there was a 3*3cm lump in his left side of neck. He took inspections in Malaysia and Singapore and was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. His son suggested him going to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for cancer treatment. In July 2011, he hospitalized in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, after comprehensive therapies, the cancer was basically gone in December 2011. The review check showed no sign of recurrence and the condition was stable. From 2011 till now, he had passed through 4 years of anticancer course. In these 4 years, he believed that if you were sick, you need to take treatment. He thought that cancer patients should positively face with up the cruel fact and listen to doctors’ instruction so that it will get good efficacy.

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