CHOONG CHEE SAN: I Want to See My Sons Grow up*

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On May 29th, China Press reported the anticancer story of nasopharyngeal cancer patient, CHOONG CHEE SAN. CHOONG CHEE SAN, whose cancer relapsed, took two session of interventional therapy and one session of natural therapy in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. The tumor shrank and the hearing ability restored to normal and the sense of sight also improved.

CHOONG CHEE SAN, 48 years old, was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2000 and spent all his money on cancer treatment. He thought he had successfully defeated cancer but in 2013 a review check showed that the cancer had relapsed and the cancer cells had transferred to his brain. It took all his money on the first cancer treatment so CHOONG CHEE SAN turned to Charity Press Charity Home for help. Charity Press Charity Home raised fund for CHOONG CHEE SAN so that he can go on receiving cancer treatment.

CHOONG CHEE SAN took twenty sessions of chemotherapy and thirty-five sessions of radiotherapy in Bandar Ipoh public hospital and private hospital but his tumor did not shrunk and his condition went from bad to worse. Generally speaking, his condition was unstable and he was worried that the cancer was caused by genetic factor. His elder brother died for cancer which made him scared. Every time he came back to home, his sons cheerfully shouted, “You are back, dad.” He can not tear himself away from his sons. The elder son became more obedient after he knew his father got cancer. CHOONG CHEE SAN said with determination, “I can not leave my wife, who has accompanied me all the time, and my two sons so I need to bravely fight against cancer and hold on to the end.”

Accidentally, CHOONG CHEE SAN read a news on China Press about the symposium, which would be held in Bandar Ipoh by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. He heard about Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou when he received cancer treatment in public hospital so he had paid attention to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. He decided to have a look and took all his medical reports to the symposium. After consultation, he would rather try to take cancer treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou rather than stay in Malaysia and wait for death. With the aid of Charity Press Charity Home and Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou (Kuala Lumpur Office), he began his trip of cancer treatment in Guangzhou, China.

On April 25th, 2015, CHOONG CHEE SAN hospitalized at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. After 4 days, April 29th, 2015, he received the first session of interventional therapy. Before taking therapy, his ears heard some noise and his eyes were abnormally tight. He had problems on hearing and sense of sight but after the first session of interventional therapy, his hearing returned to normal and his eyes were not as tight as before, which brought him hope. CHOONG CHEE SAN cheerfully said, “The medication here 100% targets on cancer cells so I get good efficacy quickly. In other hospitals, there were only 30% of medicines, which can get into the cancer cells.” On May 3rd, he took one session of natural therapy. Before taking the second session of interventional therapy, an inspection showed that his tumor shrank. He said, “The doctor excitingly told us that I can go around and the diet can return to normal. Before I came here, I did not bring much hope for the cancer treatment and just had a try but in fact my condition turned good. The pain in my body has decreased 60% and now I am confident to the subsequent cancer therapies.”

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