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On April 8, 2015, China Press in Malaysia reported a story about HATTA, an anticancer warrior. HATTA, who did not want to take operation, found the best therapeutic treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. After comprehensive treatment, such as interventional therapy and natural therapy, the condition was controlled and tumor has not relapsed.

In the spring festival at 2007,the Indonesia patient, HATTA, suddenly experienced diarrhea with dark red hemafecia and mucus many times. After CT screening and biopsy of rectal lump, he was diagnosed with rectal moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma. Doctors suggested conducting operation to remove the anus which meant he needed to live with artificial pocket but HATTA refused. By chance, HATTA knew that minimally invasive surgery in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou could achieve the same effect without operation. Thus, he went to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in May of 2007.

Since May 13th, 2007, HATTA began to receive interventional therapy. After six courses of treatment, the tumor was basically removed and the symptoms such as hemafecia were greatly relieved. The patient received natural therapy to strengthen the immunity and took traditional Chinese medicine to nurse his body. Later, the symptoms such as hemafecia were eliminated. Now HATTA still stays in healthy condition and the tumor has not relapsed. The patient sticks to periodic review in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou every year. The patience and smile kept HATTA in good mental status and gave him consolation and encouragement. HATTA is very grateful to the doctors and nurses who have given him care & help, love and sense of safety.

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