Benny’s Thank-you Card*

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, China Press, Lung Cancer, Radioactive Particle Implantation, Cryotherapy

  China Press: I Would Like to Be a Light for the Patients

On Jan. 21, 2015, the series report on chief oncologist Peng Xiaochi of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, I Would like to Be a Light for the Patients, was published on China Press. After receiving minimally invasive treatment including radioactive particle implantation, interventional therapy and cryotherapy, Benny, the lung cancer patient from Indonesia, has his illness brought under control completely. Before discharge, he sent out many thank-you cards, on which sincere words expressed his gratitude to all medical staffs.

68-year old Benny was from Djakarta, Indonesia. In Dec. 2010 when he had a physical examination in local Hospital, medical result showed there was a big tumor as big as 3.6cm in his lung. Benny had once done the coronary stent implantation. Meanwhile, he had Type 2 diabetes along with several chronic diseases like stage 2 hypertension, viral hepatitis B and fatty liver. All local doctors dared not to give a treatment plan to Benny, as his condition was too complicated. Since there was no way to accept systematic treatment in local hospital, Benny had to search a proper treatment of small trauma and little side effect eagerly outside Indonesia. Later he was introduced by a cancer patient to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and soon the MDT group of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou carried out an individualized treatment plan for him: cryotherapy + radioactive particle implantation + traditional Chinese medicines. In the subsequent treatment, interventional chemotherapy was used to consolidate the therapeutic effect. As minimally invasive therapy only causes small traumas and is of little side effect, it was well suited for Benny who was too weak and old to bear the surgery. After the treatment, Benny had a quick recovery: hair grown again, tumor has shrunk a lot, both his sleep and quality of life have improved obliviously. Benny was very satisfied with all the changes. In addition, the patience, love and profession service from medical staffs left him very deep impression. Therefore, he sent out many thank-you cards on the day of discharge to all his doctors and nurses, which read: Thank you for your patience, love and care. You are a light that shines in the world’s darkness.

In all the minimally invasive therapies, radioactive particle implantation was the most impressive one to Benny. According to Peng Xiaochi, chief oncologist of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, radiotherapy in cancer treatment is now changing from the traditional one which kills cancer cells and normal cells at the same time to a new local radiotherapy with controllable radiation radius and less damage to human body. Under the guidance of the high-tech imaging devices such as laparoscope, CT or B ultrasound, small iodine radioactive particles will be implanted into tumors in various part of the body through a special puncture needle. Those particles will give off short-range γ-ray within the tumors continuously; they will work like small bombs and kill cancer cells accurately. With the amount and location of radioactive seeds planned accurately, radioactive particle implantation is identified as a conformal radiotherapy whose therapeutic effect is comparable to surgical excision, and its destructive power to cancer cells is dozens of times higher than traditional radiotherapy or intravenous drug treatment. It is the best treatment for primary cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. It can also be used to treat metastatic tumors or patients who are too weak to bear the surgery.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, China Press, Lung Cancer, Radioactive Particle Implantation, Cryotherapy

Benny’s Thank-you Card
Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou,  Lung Cancer

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