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Don’t Be Afraid of Cancer Recurrence, by China Press

  Don’t Be Afraid of Cancer Recurrence, by China Press

Are people with cancer recurrence doomed to death? On Dec. 17, 2014, a report of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Don’t Be Afraid of Cancer Recurrence, was published on China Press, the second largest Chinese newspaper in Malaysia. In this article, Indonesian breast cancer patient THE KIEM ENG tell us  her personal experience that once you find the right remedy and cooperative with doctors positively, there is still hope for recovery.

68-year-old THE KIEM ENG is an overseas Chinese from Indonesia. In 2005 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she underwent radical mastectomy immediately. However, cancer recurred in less than one year and it spread widely to her bones. Although doctors said there was no use for further treatment, THE KIEM ENG didn’t give up hope. She looked around for effective treatment and found Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou which is experienced in treating cancer recurrence. After thoughtful consideration, she decided to fly to Guangzhou for new hope. With the help of professional team, she received interventional therapy, 125I seeds implants and cryotherapy. There was no big pain during the treatment. When she had the reexamination, she was surprised to find that tumors in her body have mostly disappeared. Dr. Peng Xiaochi, chief physician of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou pointed out that as most patients with cancer recurrence or metastases could no longer bear the damage of traditional surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, minimally invasive treatment which can effectively eliminate the recurrence while at the same time minimizing the damage to the patients’ body will help them gain a soon recovery.

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