Stomach Cancer Risk & Prevention Information

It is estimated that 1 million new cases are diagnosed in the world each year, and more than 723,000 deaths occur annually. In recent years, some types of stomach cancer have declined, while other types – more difficult to detect early and more deadly – are on the rise.

What are the key risks for stomach cancer?

Behavioral/Lifestyle Risks:

• Smoking

• Obesity

• Diets rich in smoked, salted, and pickled foods

• Diets low in fresh fruits and vegetables

Risks for Personal Awareness:

• Age greater than 50

• Male gender

• Type A blood

• H. pylori bacterial infection

• Family history (inherited cancers)

• Hispanic American, African American, Pacific Islanders, or Asian ethnicity

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Key Prevention and Risk Reducing Facts

Early detection is the key to surviving stomach cancer.

Lifestyle changes, such as smoking cessation and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, can potentially reduce the risk of stomach cancer

Treatment of H. pylori infection (a common bacterial infection of the stomach) can decrease the risk of stomach cancer development.

Knowing your family history and discussing it with your healthcare provider can help determine if you are at risk for inherited cancer syndromes.

Steps YOU can take to raise awareness and increase knowledge about stomach cancer

1. Know the factors that put you at risk for stomach cancer.

2. Know the signs and symptoms of stomach cancer.

3. Know your family history.

4. Be proactive. Talk with your doctor about your risks for cancer.

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