Benefits of vinegar intake

Hello everybody, welcome to cancer prevention 60 seconds. The topic today is “benefits of vinegar intake”. Vinegar contains many nutritional ingredients indispensable in metabolism of human body, such as glucose, 18 kinds of amino acid from synthetic protein, and rich mineral elements like calcium, ferrum and phosphorus, etc. Modern scientific survey shows that vinegar can kill staphylococcus, escherichia coli, beriberi germ, etc, and can play roles like detumescence, anti-cancer, cold prevention, softening blood vessel and strengthening renal function. In addition, vinegar can restrain oxidizing material formed in aging process of human body, and promote vitamin C absorption, to reach an aesthetic effect. Therefore, you can add a little vinegar during cooking because it can increase gastric fluid secretion, and be conducive to digestion and food retention resolution.

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