Cancer Nursing

Cancer nursing is of great great significance, because proper nursing can help improve the efficacy. How to take care of cancer patients? Here, we will offer free suggestions on cancer nursing to help patients get a quick recovery.

Postoperative Nursing of Pancreatic Cancer Patient

As one kind of malignant tumors, Pancreatic cancer poses a threat to people's lives. Once being diagnosed as pancreatic cancer, cancer cells spread easily in short period, so treatment should be taken as early as possible. Nursing of pancreatic cancer patients

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Home Cares for Gastric Cancer Patients

Home cares are particularly important to gastric cancer patients. Correct home cares can effectively promote the therapeutic effects of gastric cancer and control the patient’s condition greatly.

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Family Care of Liver Cancer Patients

in addition to actively cooperate with treatment, patients with liver cancer need family to give strong mental support and daily living help.

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Three Principles of Home Care for Cancer Patients

cancer patients’ families need to follow three gold principles that are mental nursing, diet nursing care and pain nursing to look after patients, helping them go through hard times smoothly.

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Psychological Care of Breast Cancer Patients

The appearance change prior to and after treatment and chemotherapy reaction will cause the double physiological and psychological dysfunction to female breast cancer patients. Doctors and nurses can take related psychological care measures

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