Take more honey but less sugar

Hello everybody, welcome to cancer prevention 60 seconds. The topic today is “take more honey but less sugar”. Excessive intake of cane sugar, just like high fat and salt will result in obesity, atherosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipemia and diabetes, and so on. Due to weakened gastrointestinal function, middle and old-aged man will experience abdominal distension and qi-stagnation (qi refers to vital energy and blood) if taking in too much sweets like cane sugar, and will influence appetite and nutrition absorption, leading to gastrointestinal disease like chronic indigestion, etc. Honey, though also named bee sugar, is a kind of simple sugar with its important nutritional ingredients: fructose and glucose which can be both directly absorbed by human body instead of resulting in fat accumulation. What’s more, honey, both eatable and medical, is natural protective food thanks to its rich nutrition. Therefore, middle and old-aged man can use honey instead of sugar in daily seasoning, which can satisfy your taste and also maintain your health.

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