Three principles of cancer patients’ dietary therapy

Hello everybody, welcome to cancer prevention 60 seconds. The topic today is three principles of cancer patients’ dietary therapy. A study has found out that cancer patients should observe three principles in diets, and there are: attaching same importance to diets as medicines, having appropriate dietetic restraints, taking scientific tonic methods.

In dietary therapy, some ingredients are components of medicines. They can enhance some of the effects, but they cannot replace medicine. Patients should receive combined therapy on the basis of improved immune system helped by dietary therapy.

Having dietetic restraints, patient should avoid some food, rather than all the meat, duck, fish, and chicken. So appropriate ways should be chosen, for example, patients with gastrointestinal tumor should eat light diets, and patients with lung cancer should avoid dry and hot food. At the same time, patients should have scientific tonic methods; they should consult with doctors or specialists, and take the corresponding tonics.

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