Cancer Diet Therapy

During the treatment, cancer patients and their families are often plagued by the diet. What should cancer patients eat? Here, we offer free dietary recommendations.

Proper Diet for Pancreatic Cancer

With rising incidence and mortality of pancreatic cancer, great importance should be attached to timely treatment for pancreatic cancer and also to pancreatic cancer diet. The patient's diet is closely connected to his prognosis and recuperation.

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The Foods Nasopharyngeal Cancer Patients Must Avoid

These are the food that nasopharyngeal cancer patients must avoid: 1. Do not consume alcoholic beverages For patients with nasopharyngeal cancer, alcohol is a substance that should be avoided in the body, consuming alcohol can cause irritation of the mouth, eso

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How to deal with side effects from kidney cancer treatment

The side effects from your cancer treatment will have a lot to do with how you prepare and enjoy your kidney cancer diet. Here are some problems you may face, along with some potential solutions.

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Kidney cancer diet and nutrition

People receiving treatment for kidney cancer need proper nutrition to help their bodies remain strong.

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Diet Care for Lymphoma Patients

The lymphatic system is an important defense system of the body. It can help the body resist the harmful foreign objects such as viruses and bacteria. It is often called the human body guard. Therefore, the diet conditioning for lymphoma patients is p

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