Symposiums Series on Cancer Information
Symposiums series on cancer information are held by St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou frequently every year, which aims to help people get away from cancer by inviting international oncologists to explain cancer knowledge and introduce latest anti-cancer technology.
Theme: Health Talk on Internationally Advanced Cancer Treatment Tech---Minimally Invasive Technology
  • ● Venue: Kuala Lumpur,Malacca,Johor Bahru,Kuching,Sabah,Penang
  • ● Date: Jan.7th to Jan.12, 2018
  • ● Speaker: Prof. Peng Xiaochi,Prof.Xu Haitao
  • ● Introduction: For many cancer patients, surgery is of high risk, while chemotherapy and radiotherapy cause too much suffering. Therefore, more and more cancer patients tend to replace traditional therapy with alternative treatment. In recent years,as cancer treatment technology developed, minimally invasive techno...
Previous Symposiums
Theme: The Latest International Liver Cancer and Colorectal Cancer
Time: June 19 to June 25, 2015

Introduction: The international authoritative cancer experts, Professor Li Xiaoshi and Professor Xu Haitao will be invited to introduce the latest international minimally invasive technology in treating liver cancer and colorectal cancer, and teach those who are in

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