Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Oncologists from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou warmly remind ovarian cancer patients that there are many treatments for ovarian cancer but the most important thing is to choose the suitable therapeutic regimen according to individualized condition.

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Let’s  introduce the therapy options for ovarian cancer patients.

Traditional Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

1. Surgery

Generally speaking, surgery is the first choice for treating ovarian cancer; however, surgery usually cannot thoroughly remove small foci inside the body of ovarian cancer patients, thus patients possibly face transferred recurrence of ovarian cancer.

2. Chemotherapy

If surgery is hard to perform, 1-2 times chemotherapy can be firstly given prior to surgery to enhance the success rate of surgery. After surgery, chemotherapy can be given to prevent recurrence; if surgery is not thorough, chemotherapy can be given to ease the condition, even prolong survival period; patient whose tumor cannot be removed by surgery, shall firstly shrink and loosen the tumor by chemotherapy so that create the operation condition secondly. However, chemotherapy usually brings a lot of side effects to patients, such as hair loss, vomiting, bad appetite, etc. Chemotherapy is a double-edged sword, killing cancer cells and damaging the normal cells at the same time. Thus, many ovarian patients refuse taking chemotherapy and choose interventional therapy.

3. Radiotherapy

Most of the malignant tumors, including ovarian tumor, are not sensitive to radiotherapy so the radiotherapy for ovarian cancer usually does not bring good therapeutic effect during the treatment. Ovarian cancer experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou suggest patients not to take radiotherapy as the first therapy option.

Advanced Treatment for Ovarian Cancer in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

1. Interventional Therapy

Interventional therapy is to inject the drugs directly into the tumor so that it can cut off the tumor blood vessels and the tumor dies our of blood supply. Compared with chemotherapy, interventional therapy directly targets the tumor and will not damage the normal cells with few side effects.

2. Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy destroys tumor tissues thoroughly with the principle of “extreme hot & extreme cold.” There is no need to take operation but can get the same effect as resection operation. Cryotherapy has the advantages of few side effects, small trauma, quick recovery, etc..

3. Combination of TCM & Western Medicine Therapy

Chinese medicines play an essential role in treating ovarian cancer, which regulate endocrine secretion and promote ventilation and blood circulation. For women, blood is the substance foundation for menstruation. If entrails are functional disorder, blood circulation would be affected and various kinds of gynaecopathia would be easily caused. Combination of western medicines, TCM helps regulate the organ’s function, improve immunity and reduce side effects during the treatment.

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