Lymphoma Cancer Treatment

Our bodies are composed of various little parts in which the most widely distributed are lymph cells. The function of lymph cell is to remove aged or damaged cells to maintain a clean and healthy body. The function of lymph cells shall never be contempt. Lymph cells have been continuously working until the last moment of our life, so when lymphatic malignant transformation led to lymphoma, earlier treatment shall be performed. The followings are treatment methods of lymphoma:

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There are many kinds of integrated therapies: all kinds of treatments shall be performed systematically and reasonably as per difference of tumors, different pathologies, and different stages and so on to maximally protect physical body and kill tumor cells so that pursue the purposes of enhancing therapeutic effect and improving life quality. Currently there are the followings methods for malignant lymphoma: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, TCM and so on. Surgery combining with radiotherapy can perform a good therapeutic effect for malignant lymphoma; TCM shall be able to enhance and restore immunity and activate resistance to disease, meanwhile it can also play the role of enhancing treatment effects and reducing toxic reactions caused by radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

1. Surgery: extranodal malignant lymphoma that originate from brain, spinal cord, eye socket, salivary gland, thyroid gland, lung, liver and spleen, shall be firstly performed with surgery, followed by radiotherapy or chemotherapy. While the malignant lymphoma that originate from kidney, urinary bladder, testis, ovary, uterus, skin, mammary gland shall be performed with surgery in the early stage, then followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

2. Radiotherapy

(1) Hodgkin lymphoma: cloak 'or inverted Y' type radiation are most commonly seen, while sufficient protection shall also be given to vital organs.

(2) Non-Hodgkin lymphoma: this kind of lymphoma is sensitive to radiotherapy and easily re-occurs. For the non-Hodgkin lymphoma whose primary foci locate in tonsil, pharynx nasalis or tissue cells of bone, local radiotherapy may achieve the effect of relatively pleasing durable remission.

3. Chemotherapy

(1) Capable of reducing the number of lymphoma cells and controlling the development lymphoma within a certain period;

(2) Alleviating the symptoms of lymphoma and relieving the pain of lymphoma patients;

(3) Inhibiting the growth of lymphoma cells and killing lymphoma cells to some certain degree;

(4) Being able to assist lymphoma surgery as well as radiotherapy to enhance therapeutic effect;

4. Natural therapy: natural therapy applies the interactive function between immune system and tumor cells, enhances the resistance of immune system to tumor cells, inhibits and eliminates tumor growth.

5. TCM

During the TCM being participated in the comprehensive treatment of malignant lymphoma, TCM mainly plays the roles of enhancing therapeutic effect and reducing toxic reaction as well as improving the immunity of lymphoma patients. If TCM alone being applied to treat malignant lymphoma, it mainly plays the roles of inhibiting tumor cells, alleviating symptoms, improving physical body status, elevating the life quality and prolong survival period of lymphoma patients.

TCM often takes characteristics of the whole body of lymphoma patient into account and won’t be limited to foci themselves alone. TCM regulates and corrects imbalance of physical body, eliminates tumor recurrence factor, reducing the chance for metastasis; meanwhile, TCM has little adverse effect to healthy cells and won’t bring damage to body force due to treatment itself, so that body force recovers quickly during treatment and immunity shall be improved gradually.

If leave the malignant lymphoma as it is without any treatment, then patients would die in 6 -12 months. However, early discover and timely and active treatment, the therapeutic effect shall be effectively improved so that survival quality will be elevated accordingly.

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