Liver Cancer Treatment

Liver cancer is a malignant cancer that severely threatens people’s health and all along has a high death rate. Failure to treat liver cancer in its early stage can probably lead to death. There are many different liver cancer treatments, which are of different effects. Therefore, the choice of treatment is very important.

Liver Cancer Treatment

Common Treatment for Liver Cancer

For most liver cancer patients, the most common treatments are interventional therapy and surgery. Generally speaking, most liver cancer patients may have symptoms of cancer diffusion and transfusion. Moreover, their general symptoms are severer and physical constitutions are relatively poorer. Only 13% of advanced liver cancer patients have the chance of undergoing surgery, after which their life quality is comparatively poorer. Therefore, surgery is not recommended in advanced liver cancer treatment.

The Best Treatment for Advanced Liver Cancer

Nowadays, interventional therapy is widely used in liver cancer treatment. It is a method to diagnose and treat cancer by inserting a specially-made puncture needle or duct into the tumor area of the liver under the guidance of MRI, CT and B-ultrasound. It mainly includes liver artery chemotherapy embolism, which has good effect and is the best treatment method for advanced liver cancer.

Other Treatments

Besides interventional therapy and surgery, combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is also alternative treatment for liver cancer. For advanced liver cancer patients, single treatment of radiation therapy or chemotherapy can not gain ideal treatment effect. What’s more, they can bring to patients great side-effect and painfulness. However, Chinese medicine can not only ease patient’s discomfort, but also reduce the side-effect of chemotherapy. Clinically, treatment for advanced liver cancer is usually composed of Chinese medicine, which is used as a leading treatment, and Western treatment of radiation and chemotherapy, which are used as a supplementary treatment. Together they effectively improve the patient’s life quality.

In summary, there are many treatment methods for liver cancer and it is very important to choose the proper treatment method. Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that whatever choice is made, interventional therapy or surgery, to get better treatment effect, liver cancer patients should go to regular hospitals for the treatment.

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