Kidney Cancer Treatment

Many kidney cancer patients can have their condition effectively controlled if diagnosed and treated early. There are many kidney cancer treatment methods, including Chinese medicine and Western medicine, either of which has its own unique effects in the treatment. Kidney cancer treatment includes surgical resection, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, natural therapy, traditional Chinese medicine or combination of these methods.

Kidney Cancer Treatment

1. Surgical treatment of kidney cancer:

a. Nephrectomy: this surgery will remove the entire kidney, adrenal gland and adipose tissue around the kidney, as well as the nearby lymph nodes. Most patients, therefore, have to rely on one single kidney to filter urine.

b. Lymph node dissection: When the cancer has reached the lymph nodes, many doctors during surgery will perform lymph node dissection to remove the lymph nodes.

c. Partial nephrectomy: to remove the kidney tissues invaded by tumor.

d. Resection of metastases: to remove the transferred tumors so as to relieve the patient's pain and symptoms.

2. Green chemotherapy: The use of chemical drugs to kill cancer cells and inhibit tumor cell growth and reproduction. Traditional chemotherapy can cause decline of the human immunity and damage normal tissue cells. However, an improvement to the traditional chemotherapy can properly make up its shortcoming while exerting its advantages. As a result, the side-effect is reduced, thus, damage to the human body is cut down.

3. Radiotherapy: the use of radioactive rays, such as X-ray, γ- rays and electronic beam, to irradiate the cancerous tissues, so as to massively kill the cancer cells and damage the cancerous tissues with the biological effect of the radiation. Radiotherapy is widely used as assistant treatment before or after surgery of kidney cancer, as well as to ease the pain and other symptoms caused by metastatic kidney cancer.

4. Chinese medicine treatment: there are two keys in treating advanced kidney cancer. One is to eliminate the invading pathogenic factors, and the other is to reinforce the patient’s healthy qi. The later is particularly important. Chinese medicine is a widely used systemic treatment method. It has great effect in reinforcing the patient’s physique and strengthening the treatment effect. Chinese medicine is a unique treatment method of China. It has evident effect in treating advanced kidney cancer and can effectively eliminate patients’ painfulness.

Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou said that, after cancer diagnosis and staging, doctors usually will work out a specific treatment plan. It is very important for patients to think about the choice of treatment, which is mainly affected by the stage of the cancer and the condition of the patient. Others, like whether it can prolong life and eliminate the symptoms are also factors that affect the choice of treatment.

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